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Lemonade Day Indy Is Going Green!

For those of you who have participated in Lemonade Day in previous years, we’re making a big change: we’re shifting from a printed workbook/curriculum (The Entrepreneur’s Workbook that could be found in the yellow backpack) to a web-based curriculum! This is VERY exciting in that we’re the only Lemonade Day city IN THE COUNTRY to “go green” but this new web-based curriculum promised to be a more FUN, engaging and interactive experience for the kids!

Below are the steps you’ll take to get registered and begin participating this year:

lemon bullet Step 1: Sign up for Lemonade Day. When registration opens in early March, you will be able to sign up in any of the following ways:

  • online through our web site,
  • at most Greater Indianapolis Area libraries within the nine county region
  • through one of our youth-serving non-profit partners, like the Girl Scouts
  • at one of our registration events in March or April at places like The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or the Indianapolis Zoo.

 lemon bullet  Step 2:  Upon signing up, we’ll send you a link to the new Web-based Workbook:  The “steps” (lessons) in the new  web-based workbook were developed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand! After completing the steps, the kids will be ready to “open up shop” on Lemonade Day, May 17th!  *Kids who complete all the “steps” in the workbook, will be rewarded with a prize!  **Kids with no Internet access at home may print out the workbook at their local library (using a computer)

lemon bullet  Step 3Participate in one or more of our workshops and contests (optional):  In March-early May, we’ll offer several FREE and FUN workshops and contests! These are optional, not required!  And, contest winners receive great prizes!!  Check our Contests and Workshops page for more information.

lemon bullet  Step 4: Get your start-up capital for your lemonade business!  We’ve started a Lemonade Day Seed Fund, which means we’ll give kids some money to start their lemonade stand (their “start-up capital” or seed money)! But first, they have to tell us their plans for their stands!  Be sure to check our Get Start-Up Money for Your Lemonade Stand page for more info!

lemon bullet  Step 5Check your email/text messages!  The adult who signs up the child/ren for Lemonade Day will provide, at that time, an email address or cell phone number so that we can share information about upcoming events, special promotions and other important information about Lemonade Day 2014!  Be sure to check those messages and don’t miss out! (also check our web site and social media sites!)

lemon bullet  Step 6Set up your lemonade stand on LEMONADE DAY: Saturday, May 17th, 2014! Once kids have worked through the steps in the web-based workbook, (and hopefully participated in one or more of our events), they will be ready to “open up shop.”  Kids can set up lemonade stands in your driveway, at one of the local parks with which we are partnering or at one of our sponsor locations. Be sure to check our Stand Locations page in late March for more information. Once kids have chosen their locations, they set their own hours on Lemonade Day and, most importantly, THEY KEEP THE MONEY THEY EARN! After all, it’s their  business!  We DO encourage kids to save, spend and share their profits.

lemon bullet  Step 7Share your results with us! The week before Lemonade Day, we will send a link to our Business Results Form so your kids can tell us how they did on Lemonade Day!  Please look that over before Lemonade Day to be sure you’re keeping track of key stats.  After Lemonade Day, fill out the form and send it in to us for a chance to win a GREAT PRIZE!  We also want to hear your Lemonade Day stories and see your photos so don’t forget to email us with those!

lemon bullet  Step 8Enjoy your new status as a BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR!