Stand Locations

Where Can I Set Up My Stand on Lemonade Day?


Kids can set up lemonade stands on Lemonade Day at home in their neighborhoods and in many of the local parks in the nine-county region (see below).  There are also some “first come, first served” opportunities for stand locations, which we list on this page in the coming weeks.

In addition to these special opportunities, kids can ask permission to set up elsewhere if they have a high-traffic location in mind. But they MUST ask permission from the business owner or location manager to set up there. 

Also, we secure a permit with the City of Indianapolis enabling kids to set up around the city (on the circle, etc.). The only condition is that you cannot block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks and if you set up your stand in front of a store or shop, you should ask the store owner/manager’s permission (that is, if they are NOT on our list of locations below)

Local Parks:

We are partnering with many local parks departments and they have graciously waived the special permits and fees that one typically needs to submit to sell anything in the park. So, if you’d like to set up your lemonade stand in one of these parks ON LEMONADE DAY ONLY, feel free to do so! You do not need to ask permission to bring your stand to these parks. However, do keep in mind that other kids may plan on setting up in one of these parks so, if that is a problem for you, be sure to have a Plan B! Also, we hope to add more locations to this list so if you don’t see your local park on the list, be sure to check back!

Indy Parks:

Kids can set up a stand at ANY of the Indy Parks locations. Here is the link for all park locations:

Noblesville Parks:

Forest Park (701 Cicero Rd.)

Dr. James A. Dillon Park (6001 Edenshall Ln.)

Brownsburg Parks

William Park (
940 Locust Lane

Arbuckle Acres Park
  (200 North Green Street)

Greenwood Parks

Craig Park (10 E. Smith Valley Road)

Westside Park (820 W. Main St.)

Avon Parks

The Avon Town Hall Park (

6570 E US Hwy 36)

Speedway Parks

Meadwood Park (5700 Meadowood Dr.)

Leonard Park (5400 W 15th St.)

Special Opportunities

We will be adding other locations between now and Lemonade Day, so please check back! In the meantime, If your child would like to set up a lemonade stand at a Kroger store, you must CONTACT THE STORE MANAGER DIRECTLY TO SECURE THE SPOT. Please do not just show up at a Kroger store on Lemonade Day and expect to set up a lemonade stand there. You must get permission from the store manager in advance.

If your child is interested in setting up a stand at Carmel City Centerthey can accommodate 5 lemonade stands. Please contact Jimia Smith at 317-660-3388 to secure one of these spots.

If you’d like to set up your lemonade stand at a Simon Mall, please see below:

  • Clay Terrace: call Megan Coors @ 317-818-0725 
  • Hamilton Town Center: call Natalie Pettit @ 317- 214-6956 
  • Washington Square: call Chryslyn Staples @ 317-899-4568 
  • Greenwood Park Mall: call Desiree Hamilton @ 317-887-8601
  • Castleton Square Mall: 317.849.9994
  • Circle Center Mall:  Call 317.681.5615

To set up a lemonade stand at a Marsh store, please click the following link to “sign up” for one of these spots:

Again, we will be adding more locations so check back! 


Photo credit:  Joetography