Selling Magazines to Slingshot SEO: Jeremy Dearringer’s Entrepreneurial Path

jeremyFew people know that one of my first entrepreneurial ventures as a kid in 7th grade was selling an “adult” magazine to kids for $20 a pop. I signed up for a publisher’s clearinghouse subscription. I’d get off the bus before my parents would get home so I could get them out of the mailbox before they ever saw them. I finally got caught when the subscription bill showed up on a Saturday. Boys will be boys.

What truly inspired me to become an entrepreneur was watching my father, George Dearringer. He’s been in business for himself since before I was born. I grew up watching him succeed, fail, then build something up again. Being an entrepreneur seemed “normal” to me. My father built a commercial hydro-seeding business that made him fairly wealthy throughout the ’80’s, but when interest rates soared in the late ’80’s the bank called in his note. He never had to declare bankruptcy, but paying the bank off forced him to sell all his assets and start all over again. He then entered, I should say created, the storage container rental market what many today recognize by the national company called PODS. At the time, his company was called Space Shuttle. He would buy ocean cargo containers, paint and decal them, then rent them to construction companies for on-site storage. In time, that business also had issues and he was forced to sell it. Luckily he made it out with more money than he invested. My father has sold everything from invisible dog fences, drop ceiling hooks, driver’s training magnets for the cars of teen parents to his current business that sells commercial flower pots and planters at

I guess selling the magazines in middle school came natural after observing my father sell all sorts of products and services when I was growing up. I identified a demand for something and capitalized on the opportunity.

I have the same chronic entrepreneurial spirit as my father. In addition to being a co-founder of Slingshot SEO, I also run a couple eCommerce ventures. I own and operate a motorcycle parts business,, and silk plants business, I also run a motorcycle community with over 12,000 members, and several blogs that drive affiliate ad revenue. These other ventures don’t get the time they deserve because of the growth of Slingshot SEO.

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