Rock and Roll Star to Roundpeg: Lorraine Ball’s Entrepreneurial Path

Lorraine BallWhen I was growing up, I wanted to to be a Rock and Roll Star!

When I was 11, my friends and I sold tickets to neighborhood kids for a “rock and roll concert.”  This was the era of great bands like The Beatles and the Monkeys. I remember we had kids coming from all over the neighborhood; we did our own form of street marketing.  We put up posters on telephone poles all around the neighborhood, we stuffed them in mailboxes, we handed them out on the street.

We just forgot to tell Julie’s mom it was going to be in her backyard.

There was only one performance, but it was fabulous!

After that I babysat from the time I was 12 until later in high school.  I didn’t have another solo gig until I formed Roundpeg in 2002.

People ask me all the time why do I run my own business?  I got tired of seeing good ideas and great people buried under bureaucratic structures.   I knew I could create a productive, fun culture where people did great work.  I was right, and 10 years later, I would never go back!

As Creative Director, I am typically at the center of the managed chaos that is Roundpeg. I have more than thirty years experience as a marketing professional (lie, tell me I don’t look that old!) I keep Roundpeg popping with a never-ending stream of new ideas, and I have a great team around me!

A native New Yorker, I am Hoosier by choice, and am committed to fostering growth and entrepreneurship in my adopted city!

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