Lemonade Stands to Holy Cow Cupcakes: Karen Sutton’s Entrepreneurial Path


karen suttonI had a lemonade stand and also baby-sat for awhile. I rode horses competitively as a child all the way through college and started teaching riding lessons when I was 16.  While my peers were hanging out on the weekends, I was riding four to five horses a day and teaching lessons in the mornings and evenings.

I am very lucky to have unconditional support from my husband and family.  When I decided to follow my passion for baking and turn it into a business they were all behind me from the start.  I knew that I could bake better than what I was able to buy, so I thought why not see where this passion goes? I started small, and once I established a good base, it grew from there.

I love working as hard as I can, knowing I am developing MY business.  I love seeing the reactions of my customers after our hard work.  Most of all, I love the team of people that I have assembled.  I am working with some of the best chefs out there.  I still sit back and think “WOW” we created this!  It is a truly humbling experience to see your staff work their hardest to put out the best cupcakes, and know they are doing it for you.

At this point Holy Cow Cupcakes has been in our bigger store for six months, leaving our humble beginnings at the gas station behind. Things are booming and we love it!  We are fresh off the Rolling Stones Super Bowl party, The Mars Candy Super Bowl parties as well as our busiest day ever on Valentine’s Day. We are working to add a full line of breakfast pastries and cookies to our menu and are hard at work training staff on our award-winning coffee from Metropolis Coffee (out of Chicago). We are also actively looking into new locations and expanding our wholesale division. You can now find us at the Nordstrom Ebar at the Fashion Mall and in the bakery section of the Village of West Clay’s Harvest Fresh Market.

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