How Lemonade Day Indy Got Started

 THINK_FORWARD_LOGO_CMYKIn late 2009, Houston entrepreneur and native Hoosier Michael Holthouse asked local entrepreneur Scott Jones ( to bring this great program that he founded – Lemonade Day — to the Indianapolis area. This unique program teaches kids how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand.  Kids viscerally learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, philanthropy and much more. Scott agreed without hesitation to spearhead Lemonade Day in Indianapolis and started a new foundation – The Think Forward Foundation – to do it.  It was a huge commitment but he didn’t hesitate. Here’s why…

Today fewer and fewer kids are engaging in entrepreneurial activities like mowing lawns or starting lemonade stands. And yet many entrepreneurs talk about their early childhood experiences starting lemonade stands, or selling golf balls to empty-handed golfers, as the moment when the “light bulb went off.” The moment when they knew they could control their own destinies and possibly even change the world with their ideas. A lemonade stand did that for Scott, and he wants other kids to have that “light bulb” moment.

 Lemonade Day Indy Advisory Board

Andie Friedman – Partner, Katz Sapper Miller

Kristen Zogbi – Crouching Tigers, Inc

Kelly Jones –  Teradata Applications & Orr Entrepreneurial Fellow

Anne Templeton – Freelance Marketing Professional

Kennedy D. Wells – Black Coaches & Administrators

Rena Barraclough – WFYI Public Media

Kendy Smith

Kelly Griese – Investor Education Coordinator, Indiana Secretary of State

Brian Schutt – Homesense Heating & Cooling

Katelyn Hancock – Director of Media Relations, Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Eric Smith – One Click Ventures

Lindsey Saxton

George Klein – Peoplocity

Bryan Guadagno – Valeo Financial Advisors, LLC

Josh DeLucia

Spud Dick