Start-Up Capital For Classrooms and Groups


On behalf of USA Funds, we’ve started a Lemonade Day Seed Fund for classrooms and groups of Youth Serving organizations.  This means, mentors, teachers and facilitators of Lemonade Day groups, can get some “start-up capital”, for their group’s Lemonade Stand.

But first, they must tell us their plan for their stand! Once they’ve formed their plans, they’ll need to make a short video. You can even use a camera phone, no fancy camera needed!  The video should be no longer than 2 minutes.

The videos MUST be sent to us by: May 5th.                                                                                               

1. In your video, be sure to tell us the following (and feel free to get creative!):

  • Name of School or Organization and why is your group participating in Lemonade Day?
  • What makes your lemonade stand special? (e.g. do you have a special theme, name, recipe etc.)?
  • How much money does your need to start their lemonade stand, and what will they spend it on?
  • What will you do with the money you get from your lemonade stand? (hint, hint: “spend, save, share”)

2.  Please upload your video here  (*you will be asked to create an account. This is just for your privacy.)

3.  Each classroom or group submission will receive some start-up capital to start their lemonade businesses (*amount will range from $25 per group, depending on the number of videos received.  So for example, if your class has three lemonade stand groups, you are eligible for $75.00 in start-up capital)

**Note: please submit one video per lemonade stand (not a video for each kid at the same lemonade stand).