Every year, we hold several fun contests leading up to Lemonade Day. These contests are meant to supplement what kids are learning in their Lemonade Day Experience and give these young “kidpreneurs” the opportunity to show off what they’ve learned!

Below are contests coming up. Keep checking for updates!

lemon bullet  Best Lemonade Stand Contest (Virtual Event)

This year we’ll be taking to the virtual streets of social media to see which stand STANDS out above the rest! To enter, all you have to do is post a photo of your stand to social media (either on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or all of them!) and use the hashtag #LDIndyBestStand. You have until 8:00 PM ET Monday, May 22rd to share on social media to be eligible. Winners will be announced on social media by 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, May 24th.


lemon bullet  Best Lemonade Contest (Live Event)

We will be putting our taste buds to the test to determine the best lemonade out there during our Wrap-Up Event following Lemonade Day. During our Wrap-Up Event, you will be invited to bring a pitcher of your lemonade to see how your lemony goodness stacks up against the competition. The Wrap-Up Event will be scheduled for late June. Stay tuned for the date (but save that recipe…you’re going to need it!)!

lemon bullet
  Giving Story Contest Sponsored by Kroger (Not a “live” event)

00071An important lesson you’ll learn by participating in Lemonade Day is to “spend, save and SHARE” your Lemonade Day profits. Sharing is important. Many entrepreneurs – including Scott Jones, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey – are also philanthropists. After Lemonade Day, we want YOU to share your giving story with us!

Email us and tell us if you gave any of your profits to charity, how much and to whom and why you chose the charity. Please share as many details as possible. If you hand-delivered your donation, please share photos and or video. You can email your entry to Kendrea Williams at

The winner and two runners-up will win GREAT prizes donated by Kroger (including Kroger gift cards)! Don’t forget to “share some” of your Lemonade Day profits!

lemon bullet  Best Business Contest (Not a “live” event)

Wrap up Event 160

After Lemonade Day, you’ll need to complete the “Business Results Form” — we’ll send you the link. It’s very important that you submit the form. We use this data to tell everyone how our budding entrepreneurs did on Lemonade Day!

We also use this Business Results Form to judge our Best Business Contest winner! Don’t forget to submit your form: the winner and finalists receive GREAT prizes!

Don’t forget to think about accounting for your lemonade business — keep track of how many cups you’re selling and how much money you made so you can share that with us when you send in your Business Results Forms!