How to Find a Stand Location

Where Can I Set Up My Stand on Lemonade Day?


Photo credit: Joetography

Kids can set up lemonade stands on Lemonade Day at home in their neighborhoods. There are also some “first come, first served” opportunities for stand locations, which we will list on this page in the coming weeks.

In addition to these special opportunities, kids can ask permission to set up elsewhere if they have a high-traffic location in mind. But they MUST ask permission from the business owner or manager to set up there.

Also, we secure a permit with the City of Indianapolis that enables kids to set up around the city (on the Circle, etc.). The only condition is that you cannot block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks and if you set up your stand in front of a store or shop, you should ask the store owner/manager’s permission (that is, if they are NOT on our list of locations below).

Current Stand Location Opportunities:

  • To set up at a Kroger: Contact the store manager to secure a spot. • All spot reservations must be made in advance and approved before Lemonade Day, May 20th. • Visit for locations and contact info for a store nearest you! (Check the EventBrite page for your store location first, if it is not listed, let us know and we will get your location added and reserved)
  • To set up at an Indy Park: Contact the park you would like to set up at to secure a spot. • You can also call the Indy Park Customer Service hotline if you can’t reach the park at 317-327-PARK (7275) • Stands must be placed in a safe location that does not impede driving, parking, walking, or other park activities. • A list of Indy Parks can be found here.
  • Sign up HERE for other opportunities!  This will take you to EventBrite, where you can find other locations!