lemonade day 2011_29“The whole family got involved and even bought yellow T-shirts and yellow hats for uniforms! My one grandson wanted to give all the profits to an orphanage in Liberia West Africa. He had heard a missionary come to our church and showed pictures of the orphanage. At 7 and 5, they are already displaying a business heart with a philanthropic bent.” – Shirley A.

“I would say my daughter understands at a deeper level the value of money because she had to work hard to earn what she made. She did not quite make her goal and, rather than feeling disappointment, I think she recognized that the amount of work was more than she expected to get to the goal. Good lesson.” – Laura H. 

“My daughter, Ella, financed the Lemonade stand herself and collected interest from her siblings! She is using her profits to start a business making belts and has already had a few customers! In addition, my four oldest kids got together with their cousins and have made crafts and are planning to sell them this weekend. It was a great experience!” – Amy G.

“We turned Lemonade Day into an opportunity for our kids to make a positive contribution to our family and to our country. Both my husband and I are self-employed, my husband having lost his job 4 years ago. We have struggled to make ends meet and we have had very few opportunities to just spend relaxing time as a family. So I challenged my kids to contribute to our family vacation fund. Thanks to Lemonade Day, we were able to take a 3-day camping vacation at Clifty Falls….On our Lemonade stand, we also had a donation jar for Adopt-A- oldier and raised over $60 to mail a care package (that included powdered lemonade) to a soldier stationed at Bagram AFB. Our kids really “got” it that they have the power to make a difference both for their family and their world” – Danna S.

“One of my favorite Lemonade Day memories was a few days before the event itself when we were standing in Target. Sarah and her friend were determining which cups to buy for their stand. In addition to figuring out the per-cup cost, they considered the amount of lemonade it would take to fill the cups because some were larger than others. They opted for a medium-size low-cost cup. They had a great time before, during and after the day, and they learned a lot about business at the same time” – Jen T.

“We are so thrilled with our Lemonade Day experiences. Our son is 6-1/2 and this year was his 2nd Lemonade Day. By doing this now twice, he is learning important lessons about planning ahead, treating people with care and sharing our bounty. In business terms, those are preparation, custom- er service and philanthropy….This year, he opened his first savings account. He deposited 10% of his proceeds from his lemonade stand to open the account. We have made two additional deposits since then and each time he brings his deposit slips home and proudly pins them on his bulletin board to remind him of his hard work….Both years, he has taken a portion of the proceeds from his sales and given them to his school library to purchase books for the library collection. He is thrilled when the books arrive at school and he is the first person to check out the books. They are a very tangible symbol of his hard work and philanthropy.” – Stephanie G.